Have you ever wondered what the impact was of disengaged and unhappy employees on your bottom line? The hidden cost can be found in lack of teamspirit, business performance and even worse; on customer satisfaction. Don’t leave it to chance and start measuring today and act on it tomorrow!

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The simpler, smarter, customised solution to boost your employees wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement… 

Based in Belgium, McME is a unique solution combining a user-friendly set of tools, analysis, account support and actionable advice to help HR and executive teams measure and increase their employees’ wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement. Fast, easy, pragmatic.  McME. Helping you to boost your employees’ wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement. Find out more here and contact us to get a FREE TRIAL Burn-out assessment for up to 20 employees.

Measuring your employee satisfaction and drivers

Improving your employees' well-being and stress management

  • Receive actionable input to develop your workplace’s stress prevention programme
  • Get Insights on your employees’  key stress drivers and work-life balance experience
  • Stay compliant with the new Belgian legislation on prevention of stress-related problems
Measuring your employee satisfaction and drivers

Measuring your employees' satisfaction quickly and objectively

  • Perform a full review of all aspects of your employees’ work experience
  • Get evidence-based insights on main strengths and weaknesses in your organization
  • Benchmark your teams internally as well as your company against other (larger and smaller) organizations
Measuring your employee satisfaction and drivers

Understand and increase you employees’ engagement

  • Get insights on major drivers for raising your employees’ emotional engagement 
  • Create true ambassadorship among your employees
  • Impact the productivity and customer focus of your employees
  • Learn about the key levers to fine-tune your employer branding
McME’s consistent and personalised approach gives me the flexibility to compare employee satisfaction across time and teams, in addition to providing an excellent service and advice on how to act upon the survey results for my specific company needs
Sofie Missiaen

Teamleader Personnel and Organization, DGZ-Vlaanderen

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What makes McME different?


Simple, user-friendly SaAs toolkit and process


Fast, pragmatic process and client service with local knowledge


Fully customisable three-tier solution to fit your current situation


Personalised account management matching your company’s culture and stakeholders


10 years of employee engagement surveys and consulting experience across industry sectors in Europe


Insights reports directly actionable by HR, business units and executive teams


Post-survey coaching and guidance on key levers for increasing employees’ wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement

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