McME founder Patrick Deroost shares his learnings and tips to boost employer branding in 2017 based on 10 years of conducting employee wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement surveys across many sectors and companies in Belgium. Find out more about what truly matters for HR and other executives in 2017.

Takeaways on engagement & leadership

  1. Stimulate autonomy and creativity in the job content. Employees that have the autonomy to plan and deliver tasks on their own will feel more engaged to the company. They are more creative in their problem solving and are also more challenged by their job.
  2. Create a culture that promotes open communication and dialogue. Share a common vision, insight in the strategy and goals of the organization, it will help employees feel more involved. Give them also the possibility to participate and discuss about their own professional situation.
  3. Grant your employees the opportunity to grow in their job and career by offering training, schooling and coaching in order to increase their skills and knowledge. In addition and equally important, create a working environment that stimulates talent and skills development.
  4. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork… direct colleagues working together, is a key ingredient to keep high engagement levels. They need to trust each other and count on each other when necessary during difficult times.
  5. Promote managers with a very open communication style and who give regular feedback. He or she is the communication link with management, wakes over a sound team spirit and is a key person in the support of his/her subordinates.

More about Patrick

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Patrick founded two consulting companies, PPM (Podium Perception Management, focused on performance marketing) and McME (employee wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement surveys), aiming to help marketing and HR management improve their messaging and strategy. Want to know more?  Contact Patrick for a short discussion about your challenges with regards to employee engagement.

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