Measure and improve employee satisfaction and engagement

Modular pricing starting from 1699€

McME offers 3 core service modules to improve your employees’ wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement

Depending on your current situation and needs, you can count on 3 easy-to-implement packages to measure and improve your employees’ wellbeing, satisfaction and  engagement.

Employee wellbeing

Employee satisfaction

Employee engagement

All our solution packs come with pre-defined options, but you can also request a personalised quote for a “pick and play” approach adapted to your needs.


Which elements are included?Wellbeing moduleSatisfaction moduleEngagement module
Psychosocial stress of your employees
Rootcauses of psychosocial stress
Risk factors and preventive factors
Relative satisfaction of your employees
Drivers of satisfaction and causes of dissatisfaction
Importance of each satisfaction dimension
Uniqueness as an employer for each dimension
Benchmark your employee satisfaction and uniqueness
Type of employe -employer relation
Employer branding
Client centricity
Prices starting from 1699€, request your quote now!

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What makes McME so different?

GET the full view on your employees wellbeing

Based on a deep root cause analysis taking into account the following main categories: Organisation, Work content, Work conditions, Work environment, Work relations

ASSESS the 7 dimensions that drive satisfaction within your organisation

Using our unique methodology, benchmark your company on 7 key factors: Co-workers, Environment, Compensation & benefits, Growth, Quality of life, Stress and Tasks

TRUST McME to get to your employees’ true engagement

The McME model allows a full service approach to understand employee engagement and helps your company to be benchmarked accross industries.  If you ever wondered how truly unique your company is vs your competition, McME will give you the full answer. Fast and simple!

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