A very important indicator of the level of satisfaction, involvement and engagement of employees is the benchmark with other organisations and industry averages.

Most commonly, your organisation’s average scores are benchmarked against industry averages. As illustrated below. In this example and on “overall satisfaction” this organisation ranks “2nd best in class” with a score of 3.65. On Personal Growth and Development average satisfaction is only 3,47 ranking the organisation among among the broad middle layer.

It is of course important to have these benchmarks available. It provides an objective comparison of your organisation with other organisations.

But in reality, people, including you and I, do not compare themselves with averages. 

We compare ourselves with friends and colleagues and with situations we know. It is therefore also very important to map the perception of your employees. How do they compare from their personal point of view and emotionally the organisation where they are employed today with other organisations where they could possibly work? McME covers this aspect with its uniqueness scores.

In the example above, 60% of employees indicate that they are in a unique position on compensation. But half of them think they can improve themselves elsewhere in terms of personal growth and development. For stress, a majority is of the opinion that it does not make any difference as to where they work.

“Uniqueness” is an indicator that has proven its value in three areas:

  1. CEO’s and HR managers get additional insights on how their employees compare and perceive current and potential employers.
  2. The strengths and weakness are no longer solely based on satisfaction but also on competitiveness.
  3. It is an important building block of engagement and employer branding. Uniqueness is a strong predictor of loyalty and intention to leave for another employer. The more an employee thinks that he/she would be better of with another employer, the more likely this individual will search for another job in another company.

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